In early June of 2016, Chiqui (short for Chiquibul, the endangered forest in Belize) was rescued from drowning.

Her mother was nowhere to be found. 

With special permission, Chiqui was rescued by two members of the Friends of Conservation and Development. The rescue team quickly transported Chiqui to the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic where she received expert care from Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand.

Upon arrival at the BWRC, Chiqui had a very thorough health assessment. She was dehydrated and thin, suggesting she was indeed an orphan. She was also suffering from lung congestion. Her congestion was typical of aspiration pneumonia. Near drowning most likely the cause.

Within a few days she developed a good appetite and quickly proceeded to gain over 500 grams in weight. After 10 days her lung congestion was resolved and she was transferred to the Belize Zoo.

Chiqui liked milk but refused to take it from the bottle.

At her new home Chiqui receives expert care from the dedicated Belize Zoo staff.


Keeping Chiqui's environment interesting

Now all grown up, Chiqui will need to remain a permanent member of The Belize Zoo.

Through funding support, The BZNC ensured her home was as close to her natural habitat as possible. She is a beautiful and thriving jaguar!

How you can help:

You can continue to help Chiqui by making sure her enclosure is maintained as she continues to grow. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. Your donation will go towards the care and rehabilitation of Chiqui. All donations to the BZNC are US tax deductible.