Your donations of $7,030.58 gave US zookeepers the opportunity to better their skills by learning in a true jungle setting


Your donations of $2,754.29 supported the Tapir Project with much needed tracking and data collection equipment. 


Your donations of $717.51 reinforced the proficiency of zoo personnel through peer to peer training.

Your donations of $35,600.00 provided emergency care and a stable safe enclosure for an endangered Jaguar cub. 

Your donations of $16,000.00 provided a work truck that supports the day to day operations at the Belize Zoo.

Your donations of $77,213.50 created a legacy. A veterinary clinic and commissary will now ensure hundreds of animals will receive the very best medical care.

In 2016, the BZNC funded projects totaling  $164,415.88. 

With your help, we can make a powerful impact in 2017! 

How you can help:

The best way for you to help is through continued support.