Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.
— Shari Arison

Our capital campaign building project is complete! However, the clinic and commissary are not fully functional until they are outfitted with the proper equipment. Modern medical equipment is vital to the health and well being of the animals living at the Belize Zoo. Many of these animals are endangered and are an integral component to the delicate ecosystem of the neo-tropics.

Your donation starts the ripple effect.

From pennies to dollars. From dream to reality. You have the power to make big change. The ripple has begun. Please help carry it far and wide. your help will reach places where you never expected that you could make an impact!

Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine has compiled a list of hospital equipment needed to run a successful veterinary hospital.

Digital Radiography $125,000.00

Portable Ultrasound $20,000.00

Dental equipment $10,000.00

Point of Care Chemistry Analyzer $10,000.00

Stationary and Portable Exam Lights $3,000.00

Surgery Lights $3,000.00

Autoclave $4,000.00

Ultrasound Instrument Cleaner $1,500.00

Anesthesia Monitor $8,000.00

Dental X-Ray Unit $10,000.00

Miscellaneous Equipment and Supplies $10,000.00

How you can Help:

By donating for the hospital and commissary equipment. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated and will go towards improving and saving the lives of the Belize Zoo's animals.